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The Journal solicits unpublished manuscript. A PDF version of the article (alongwith Words file) is also required which would help us in managing the diacritical marks, etc. The articles must not exceed 7500 words. The Editors reserve the right to reduce the size. All papers submitted should be in English or French. References should be in the Harvard format. Figures, illustrations and photographs attached should be of high quality. These should be sent in hard copy. Both colour and monochrome graphics are accepted but they should be presented at least in a minimum 300 dpi resolution.

Being a peered review Journal, published annually, it may take five to six months to know the outcome of such submission. Book Reviews submitted should relate only to the books published in the past two years.

Submission for publication should be sent with a disc and hardcopy to:

Editor, SSEASR Journal, SSEASR Secretariat, 95, Vidya Vihar, Outer Ring Road, New Delhi 110034 INDIA. email: publication@sseasr.org

Articles published in the SSEASR Journal represent neither the views of the SSEASR nor those of the editors of the SSEASR Journal. The editors are the final authority for the selection of the articles of the Journal and reserve the right to reject any material deemed in appropriate for publication. Responsibility for opinions expressed and for the accuracy of facts published in the articles however rests solely with the authors. Similarly, the photos published are supplied by the authors and any infringement or copyright violation's responsibility lies with them only.